Diversity & Inclusion Services

Ashley R. Oliver, Esquire, is a social justice thought leader and experienced civil rights attorney, bringing over 9 years of experience conceptualizing, planning, and executing impactful diversity, equity and inclusion programming and initiatives.
She aspires to take her years of lived experience as a Black woman turned yoga teacher and carefully curated professional expertise to make wellness spaces more diverse, inclusive, and equitable with radical empathy.
Here's just a short list of offerings that Ashley can bring to your wellness studio/organization:


  • intimate or expansive team presentations on topics such as:
    • power,
    • privilege,
    • unconscious bias,
    • microaggressions,
    • allyship and accomplices,
    • bystander intervention,
    • anti-racism,
    • ableism,
    • colorism,
    • sizeism,
    • intersectional feminism,
    • intersectionality,
    • trauma-informed care and equity, 
    • holding difficult conversations about race,
    • and much more


  • working with you exclusively to stimulate cultural change, accountability, conscious learning and unlearning


  • crafting culture assessments,
  • climate surveys,
  • social media messaging and content,
  • internal and external messaging,
  • branding/rebranding

Organizational Development:

  • custom organizational procedures,
  • policy change,
  • inclusive hiring guidelines/inclusive benchmarks,
  • mission statement and values development,
  • affinity group development,
  • board development

*This is only a small offering of what can be customized to your organization's needs! If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact me.